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The Treasurer’s Column 

The Association rules require me to publish the main features of The Annual Accounts that were presented to those members attending

the AGM held in July last at Upchurch Golf Club. 

The “headlines” of our General fund, which records money received and paid away in relation to our principal activities and of the

Association’s benevolent fund, are set out as follows- Copies of our accounts are obtainable from Cantium Lodge.


General Fund (Year 2014) 


Office & Admin
Kent Magazine
Donations Received
Dividends & Interest
Meetings & Events
Other Income
Donations Given




The revenue deficit of £2,260 is set against and reduces the accumulated fund (The Association reserves) leaving £21,994 to carry forward for future use. 

Benevolent Fund (Year 2014) 


Dividends & Interest
Annuities Paid
Accounts & Admin


A Revenue deficit has been set against the Benevolent reserves which however were

 enhanced by an unrealised increase in the value of the funds’ investments over that of

2013. This due to the ebb and flow of the stock market. At 31st December 2014 the funds

 investments totalled £77,559 an increase in market value of £3,499.

Whilst reporting on this worthy fund, which has income enough to accept more beneficiaries,

the Committee of Almoners would be pleased to receive any recommendations for those needing support.

In addition to the foregoing it may be considered timely to publish The Hon. Treasurer’s

report on the 2014 finances given at the AGM. 

The Honorary Treasurers Report to the 2015 AGM 

These Accounts laid before you for the year ended 31st December 2014, I believe to be my

sixth attempt at balancing the books of the Association’s General Fund. 

None of the attempts have been particularly creditable, with annual deficits predominate.

The year 2014 is no more successful, save that the deficit is lower at £2,260 than that of

the previous year, £4,385. The deficit of 2013, however, was mitigated by a members’ gift

of £5,000. Alas, no such good fortune for 2014! 

Unfortunately too, I can only predict future deficits where to increase income relies on, in

the main, increasing membership in an era where people “appear not to want to join clubs”

Our reserves are not limitless and they will not take too long to evaporate without some

drastic and curative remedy. 

It seems that we are able to contain the Society’s expenditure to around some

£23,000/£24,000 year by year but are unable to raise or maintain our Income to meet that

expenditure due to our falling Membership Income, unreliable Lottery Support and, in the

future I understand, advertisers reluctant to use our Magazine because of diminishing

numbers of readers- this in spite of the renowned skills of our Sales Team, Messers Maylam

and Richman. 

As Lord De L’Isle said at the last AGM – “Change is uncomfortable…….for without change

we will see slow decline, this we must not allow to happen”. 

What are we to do next? 

Chairman and members I offer these accounts for your approval. 

These accounts were signed off by the approved Associations Accountants on 11th July 2015

and in the General meeting above. 


Honorary Treasurer
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