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Welcome to the Lynsted branch pages
Here you will find information on planned events to keep you up to date with what we are up to.
As always we welcome enquiries about memebership, planned events or anything else
that interests you about our association and branch.
Use the links to the right to contact us and we will be only to happy to help you.
Confirmed Dates For Your Diary
Below you will find a list of currently confirmed dates for your diary.  'All Association' event dates
are shown in red and branch specific events in black.
      Note: Some times/detail are yet to be confirmed ('tbc')
The quick links below will take you to each month's events - or alternatively feel free to scroll
down to read all of the page.
      January 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

     February 2015 - Some times yet to be confirmed
  23rd - Association Event Branch Officers Meeting - The Dog & Bear, Lenham 10.30am - 12.30pm

      March 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

      April 2015 - Some times yet to be confirmed
  14th - Association Event - Spring Luncheon - West Malling Golf Club- £15 per person - 12.30pm
  28th - Association Event - Council and Almoners Meeting - The Dog & Bear, Lenham - Time tbc

      May 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

      June 2015 - Some times yet to be confirmed
  18th - Association Event - The Sittingbourne Dog Race Evening - £12 per person - 5.30pm

      July 2015 - Some times yet to be confirmed
  11th - Association Event - Association AGM - Upchurch Golf Club - £12 per person - 2pm

      August 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

      September 2015 - Some times yet to be confirmed
  15th - Association Event - Branch Officers Meeting - Dog & Bear, Lenham - 10.30am - 12.30pm
            (Invitees Only)

      October 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

      November 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

      December 2015 - Yet to be confirmed

     Interactive Calendar Coming Soon
Past Events
Catch up on our past events by reading our past events page 
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