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   Home            Men of Kent or Kentish Men
  Invicta - Undefeated
Men Of Kent.. Or Kentish Men.
Of course, as an association and as individual members we often find that we are repeatedly
asked at least one question (and there are several that could be asked!) and that is:
    Are We Men of Kent... Or Kentish Men?
     According to tradition, the first Men of Kent were Jutes who settled in the east of the county
     some 1500 years ago, whilst the Kentish Men were of Saxon origin and settled in the west
     of the county.
The traditional dividing line is the River Medway.  North & West of the Medway are 'Kentish Men'
whilst South and East of the river are 'Men of Kent'.
In 1066 the Men of Kent showed their spirit by resisting William the Conqueror and obtained an
honourable peace settlement which gave them certain rights whilst the Kentish Men surrendered.
The county motto is Invicta - Undefeated, and is said to date back to this period.
Kent is well known for its' Symbolic 'White Horse of Kent'.
This instantly recognisable image is the old symbol for the Jutish
Kingdom of Kent and dates back to the 6th to the 8th century.
The white horse relates to the emblem of Horsa, the brother of Hengest
who according to legend defeated the King Vortigern near Aylesford.
                                   Please visit our library for more information.
The Jutish Kingdom of Kent
The Kingdom of the Kentish is referenced in
Old English as 'Cantaware Rīce' & in Latin as
'Regnum Cantuariorum'.  Today it is referred
to as the Kingdom of Kent and is described
as being was an early medieval kingdom
in what is now South East England. It is
believed to have been founded in the
5th century by The Jutes, who were members
of a Germanic people from continental Europe.

Some of The Jutes settled in Britain after the withdrawal of the Romans. It was one of the seven traditional kingdoms of the so called Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, but it lost its independence in the 8th century when it became 
a sub-kingdom of Mercia

In the 9th century, it became a sub-kingdom ofWessex, and in the 10th century, it became part
of the unified Kingdom of England that was created under the leadership of Wessex.
Its name has been carried forward ever since as the county of Kent.

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