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News From The Association's Hot Desk
Kent has an exciting history, rich with culture, tradition, folklore and,
of course, significant national importance.

There are countless interesting, fun, newsworthy and legendary aspects to the county, so naturally the Association likes
to keep up to date with what's happened, happening or looks like it might happen!
News, Events, Legends
History, Culture, Folklore
and More!
From rumours of sightings of the legendary 'Black Dog to fundraising events, golf competitions,
duck races (yes really!), Acorn Trophy presentations, or reports on what our council is doing,
we like to keep abreast of all that's going on in this great county of ours.
Full Diary Of Events
Both at branch and county level, we keep a full diary of events, trips, functions and good old
fashioned social meets, as well as bat & trap competitions, golf days, quiz nights, luncheons,
dinners and so much more.

     Full details on our Calendar page.
Our Branches
Each branch has its own news and events page and these details are constantly expanding,
so do visit your local branch page to see what they have planned.
Our calendar will show you all of the Associations current/planned events for the year as well as
major branch level events.
Of course we are always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea that you think might appeal
to our members, do please get in touch to let us know what you have in mind.
Our Gallery has lots of images of past events enjoyed by our members, friends & guests
and our previous website has a record of most.

The Black Dog - Fact or Fiction?
The black dog. Although this would normally qualify as a haunting, it is generally thought that
there is little doubt regarding its truthfulness due to the sheer number of sightings.
All of the sightings have one thing in common - an ominous black dog always seeming to warn
of an oncoming accident or misfortune. The dog was seen around Leeds castle on a number of
occasions, yet is commonly seen in other locations as well, such as highways or motorways.
Fact - or Fiction? - You Decide!
Visit 'Historic Kent' for more information on Kent's legends & folklore
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