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  Welcome to our library & reading room.
Like all good Libraries, ours is a quiet place.
But there's still a lot of activity, with members and guests
browsing our shelving for research, reading materials and
other information to download or read in the reading room
Here is where you will find a wealth of information about us,
our County, its past, present and future as well as download
our membership application form, bursary application form
and much, much more.
Visit our Reading Room to access articles, archives and our
currently available downloads (including membership and
bursary application forms).
We have also provided links to archived articles and past
events of interest as well as a link to our previous website,
retained for reference and as a testament to the incredible
hard work by our talented member, Rene Halsted.
If you have a submission for our library, that you feel
would be of interest, please email our Librarian with
full details and tell him all about it...
He'll be delighted to hear from you!
Our Previous Website & Other Links
Our previous website is available online for your reference.
You can also visit our previous website by clicking the 'previous website' link
above or the Seal to the left and get 'approved access' - our previous site will
then open in a new window
We have also included links to other websites that we think maybe of interest to you.
Other Links Coming Soon
We look forward to hearing from you.

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