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The history of HMS Kent is long and varied, dating back to 1653 when the first 'Kent' ('the Kentish
Frigate') served as a 4th Rate of 46 guns built in Deptford in 1653. She spent seven years in
Cromwell's Navy and saw action on the Barbary Coast.
Our long association with HMS Kent dates back to the 1st World War, at which time the
vessel was in her 9th incarnation.  The 9th 'Kent' was built in Portsmouth in 1901 as a First Class
cruiser, she sailed to South Africa shortly before the Battle of Colonel. Her Battle ensign is laid
up in Canterbury Cathedral.
The current 'Kent', the eleventh 'Kent', was commissioned in 1963.  A County Class destroyer,
she was present at the Jubilee Review at Spithead in 1977.  This exceptional vessel is Portsmouth
based and is a Type 23 frigate.  She is one of the newest of the Type 23 frigates within the Royal
Navy arsenal. Built by BAE Systems on the Clyde, she was launched on 27 May 1998 by Princess
Alexandra of Kent.
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